Pie, Pint & Pinot Health & Safety

Arrowtown Autumn Festival Pie, Pint & Pinot Health & Safety

Health & Safety

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or feel unwell, please stay at home to avoid others becoming unwell too.
Our main form of communication back to you will be through email – if we have any important Health and Safety information, we will alert you to this via email. If you need us to update the email on record, please add it here.

Main contact on the day is Festival Coordinator Catherine Fallon 0226458260 or the Health & Safety Coordinator Nicole Fairweather 0211060942.


The Arrowtown Autumn Festival have a comprehensive plan in place to manage any hazards and risk to safety for all attending and working. If you need to report any hazards, please send a message to Nicole Fairweather for follow up, include description of the hazard, location and any images.

Our Health and Safety Coordinator Nicole Fairweather will check all vendors for required safety equipment before operating at the Pie, Pint & Pinot, these include:
· First Aid Kit.
· Fire Fighting Equipment (for any vendors cooking onsite).

Structures & Equipment

All structures will be checked by the Health and Safety Coordinator before opening, you must provide weights that hold equipment in place in inclement weather. If you are unsure, please discuss this with Catherine Fallon in advance.
Guy ropes may present a trip hazard to the public and they will not be allowed in the front of your stall.
If any structure extends past your allocated space in any direction, please discuss with Catherine Fallon in advance to check if this will be allowed on the day.
Any cooking equipment MUST be away from anywhere that public can reach.


All power supplied by the AFF will be compliant and protected.
Any vendor allocated power must ensure that their equipment has a current certification, this includes cables and cooking equipment. All mobile vendors need to have a current electrical warrant of fitness before connecting to power on site.
Only vendors who have already advised us that they require power will be able to use the power supply.
Keep all power connections out of wet areas.
Ensure no cables present a tripping hazard for anyone (including yourself), this is up to you to manage on your site. Our power company will manage their cables to your site in the public areas.


Worksafe has guidelines around the use of LPG for storage and use. The maximum quantity per zone is 60kg, this means that we need to know how much gas will be stored and used by any vendor doing so to ensure they are not grouped together and exceeding the limits.
The use of LPG needs to be in a well-ventilated area and with correct firefighting equipment on standby.


The weather could affect parts of the event at any time, if you are asked to move or pack down anything that might become hazard in bad weather, you must comply with these instructions. This could include umbrellas, gazebos or items that are not weighted down sufficiently.


Driving speed of vehicles within the event area is at walking speed, this is to be no faster than 15km/h – public will be in and around the site at all times as this is not a closed site.

If you are needing to reverse in an area with other people around, please ask a volunteer to help clear the area and spot you.

Vehicles need to be offsite by 10:30am unless part of your stall and no vehicles will be able to return until after 5:30pm – this will be a managed pack out and volunteers will assist the vendor with entering back into the site. Please be patient.

Please do not block any access ways during the load in and out – if unsure, please ask or contact Nicole Fairweather.

Untidy Site

An untidy site can cause risk of injury and environmental hazard – please keep your site tidy and in order to avoid this.

If one of our crew asks you to contain or tidy the area, please comply with their instructions.


There will be a First Aid Officer onsite at the Arrowtown Autumn Festival tent.

If you need to get them to a specific area, call Nicole Fairweather to arrange this.

In a critical emergency call 111 immediately then let Nicole Fairweather know that they have been called.

· A festival first aid kit will be located at the Arrowtown Autumn Festival tent.

· AED is located outside the Post Office.

Please report to us any accidents or incidents.


In the case of an emergency, please follow instructions from the volunteers and AAF team, if asked to evacuate, please report to the assembly area outside The Fork & Tap. This part of Buckingham Street has a road closure in place. If you leave the event site please message Nicole Fairweather (don’t call as this can clog up the phone lines).

Trestle hire

If you have hired trestle/s they will be available for you to collect - ask a volunteer and they will show you where to collect your trestle from.

Please return your trestle to the same place at the end of the day.

Food Vendors

· All food vendors MUST display their food registration certificate (if you need one). We are highly likely to be checked by council on the day.

· Adequate protection for any food likely to be contaminated by adverse weather (i.e. windborne dust, rain) must be provided.

· All food products are to be suitably covered, store and displayed to prevent the likelihood of contamination.

· Adequate refrigeration is required for all perishable food.

· Food vendors that are using heat to cook are required to have the correct firefighting equipment.

· All food vendors need to have a first aid kit.

· All rubbish generated must be kept tidily in bins with lids and removed from the site by the vendor at the end of the day.

· Any food vendor found compromising hygiene standards may be required to close.

Drink Vendors

· Alcohol may only be served from 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

· All vendors selling alcohol must clearly display - legal drinking age requirements; details of low alcohol beer options; duty manager name; safe transport options; copy of the liquor license (this will be provided to you).

· No intoxicated person will be served. If necessary their wrist band can be disabled. Contact the Duty Manager, Festival Coordinator or security with any concerns.

· If unsure of the age of a patron please ask to view their ID.

· Each brewery must provide a licensed Duty Manager on the day. In addition, the Arrowtown Autumn Festival will employ the services of an independent Duty Manager to oversee the entire event.

· All vendors need to have a first aid kit.

General Housekeeping

· Do not put anything in the grounds without approval.

· Please take note of utilities if marked out; orange is power. Keep pegs a metre away from the marked positions of lines or use weights to hold down.

· Please keep within your stall area and co-operate with your neighbours.

· At the end of the day, please leave your site as you found it. Please remove your own rubbish. There will also be rubbish and recycling bins on site. We always appreciate how tidy everyone leaves their site - it is a huge help.

· The committee is aiming to make the entire festival more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The festival is single use cup free so please adhere to this. Contact Catherine Fallon if you need support around this. Please also avoid the use of single use cutlery and plates. Drinking vessels will be provided for all patrons.

Thank you for reading this information.

Please confirm you have read through this information by checking the box below, it is your obligation to ensure that everyone working on your site has been passed on the relevant information too.

Kind Regards

Catherine Fallon
Festival Coordinator
Arrowtown Autumn Festival