Pie, Pint & Pinot: Brewery Registration Form

Brewery Registration Form

Pie, Pint & Pinot

Sunday 28 April 2024

Library Green, Arrowtown

Welcome to the 2024 Pie, Pint and Pinot event as part of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival. This popular and unique event is in its 11th year and is a celebration of our local pinot noir, gourmet pies and craft beers.

Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page by 5pm FRIDAY 1 MARCH.

Information for Breweries

Alcohol License The Arrowtown Autumn Festival will apply for a Special Liquor License to cover the entire event.
Alcohol License Fee The fee will be approximately $40 per stall and will be on charged to you.
Site Fee The fee for a 2024 site will be $172.50 (inclusive of GST). You will be invoiced as soon as your completed registration form is received.
Power and Trestles If you require power or trestles please fill out your requirements on the registration form below.

NB: there will be a fee associated with this.

Hours The event will run from 12:30pm until 5pm.


Set Up You may begin setting up from 8am.

Set up must be completed by 10.30am.

NOTE: Buckingham Street from Wiltshire Street to Merioneth Street will be closed from 10.30am until 7pm. Cars may not be parked on this part of Buckingham Street during the event.

Stall Identification Each stall must clearly display:

  • Legal drinking age requirements
  • Details of low alcohol beer options
  • Duty Manager name
  • Safe transport options
  • Copy of the Liquor License & host responsibility (this will be provided)
Weather The event will not be cancelled due to adverse weather unless it is extreme. If unsure, check with the Festival Coordinator. It is advisable to have gazebos over your stall in case it does rain.
Alternate Venue If for any reason we are unable to hold this event in the Library Green, it will be relocated to the Ramshaw Lane Carpark. You will be notified via text and email if this is the case.

NB: This is likely to be a last-minute call if it’s required.

Electronic Wrist Band Identification
  • Every attendee will be issued with an electronic wrist band.
  • ALL financial transactions will be carried out using the electronic wrist band – no wrist band, no transaction.
  • Training will be provided for all stall holders on the morning of the event – you will be advised closer to the time when this will take place.
  • The Arrowtown Autumn Festival will cover the cost of purchasing the wrist bands and the activation fee.
  • Use of eftpos machines and cash sales is strictly prohibited.
Wayver We are utilising the services of Wayver who are a company that specialises in cash free transactions at events.

For their services, 2.3% of your takings on the day will go directly to Wayver.

They will provide for you:

  • Training of the handheld device for scanning.
  • All reporting and monitoring of transactions for your stall on the day.
  • Prompt payment after the event.
  • They guarantee their product to work as intended on the day.
Under Age Drinkers If unsure of the age of a patron please ask to view their ID.
Intoxication No intoxicated person will be served. If necessary their wrist band can be disabled.

Contact the Duty Manager, Festival Coordinator or security with any concerns.

Alcohol Serving Quantities Each pint glass will have two pour marks – 100ml and 200ml.

You may set the price for each serving size, i.e. a tasting, half glass and full glass. As a guide, in previous years the prices have been $2.50 a tasting, $5 half glass and $10 full glass. The full pint glass is 450ml.

Each wine glass will have two pour marks – 75ml and 150ml.

You may set the price for each serving size, i.e. a tasting, half glass and full glass. As a guide, in previous years the prices have been $2.50 a tasting, $5 half glass and $10 full glass.

Low Alcohol Beer We advise bringing a low alcohol option, include the details on the registration form below. This assists with our liquor license and low alcohol beer is becoming more and more popular.
Glasses If there are any breakages then please alert a volunteer to ensure all glass is safely removed from the site (volunteers will be wearing high visibility vests).

If there are any injuries from broken glass please notify a volunteer, security or the Festival Coordinator.

If a patron loses or breaks a glass they can purchase another at a cost of $10.

  • The festival will follow all Government guidance around COVID-19.
  • Details of every patron attending this event will be captured via our ticketing system.
  • Hand sanitizer will also be available.
Security There will be a minimum of 5 security personnel onsite if needed.
Duty Manager Each brewery must provide a licensed Duty Manager on the day.

In addition, the Arrowtown Autumn Festival will employ the services of an independent Duty Manager to oversee the entire event.

Entertainment Live music will be playing on the stage during the event.
Sites / Clean Up You will be notified of specific locations of each stall once we have received all registrations.

Please ensure you remove all rubbish in and around your site before you leave.

Contact  Direct all questions to the Festival Coordinator, Catherine Fallon 0226458260.

* Please note if the above conditions are not met by the specified timeframes an alternative stall holder may be approached.