Parade – Health & Safety Form

Arrowtown Autumn Festival - Parade Health & Safety Form

Participating Vehicles/Float


All float operators must ensure vehicles and floats are safe, roadworthy and in good operating order and are under 4.25 metres in height due to overhead lines and low-lying trees.
All floats must be constructed with safety in mind. All props should be fastened securely. Fall prevention is of utmost importance on a moving vehicle. Every measure should be taken to ensure no one can fall from a float or vehicle while participating in the parade. People must be either physically restrained from a fall or prevented from falling by way of a suitable guardrail or have something secure to hold on to.

Children aged less than 5 years of age should be supervised by one adult for every five children.

All vehicles/floats must drive at a steady walking pace (5km p/h) in the parade and keep a minimum of two car lengths between the proceeding float/vehicle.

All parade vehicles, floats, trucks and trailers must be roadworthy, safe and meet all WOF/COF safety standards.

All drivers must have 180-degree vision to the front and sides of the float or tow unit. And drivers must have a means of communication or view of all float riders in the event of a problem needing it to stop.

All floats using power or generators must use an isolating transformer in case of wet weather.

The use of fire is prohibited from the parade unless a full fire safety plan has been submitted and approved in advance.

People on floats or in vehicles once the parade has started must not attempt to get on or off a float unless they have been directed to do so by a Parade official.

Vehicles must not exceed a slow walking pace (5km/h), and must be a minimum of 1 metres from the spectators and two car lengths between entrants.

Each float team must be aware of these rules and conditions and adhere to all safety regulations in place and follow any requests made by the Parade Officials.

The parade is not the place to make a political statement and we the organisers reserve the right to remove any float/entry that contravenes this.

TAKE NOTE – roads on the parade route will be closed to traffic but float participants should follow security marshals’ directions at all times should an emergency vehicle need to gain access to the parade route or surrounding streets.


· Please keep in mind that this is a family event and refrain from any bad language or actions whilst in the parade.
· Ensure all participants have what they need to be with the parade for the entire duration, this includes correct clothing, water and sun or wet weather protection.
· All children (under 15 years) must be under direct supervision of an adult at all times.
· Walking groups of children must have a ratio of 10:1
· Children less than 5 years old must be supervised by adults with a ratio of 5:1
· Parade participants are solely responsible for all person’s safety involved with their float, particularly children from the time of parade arrival at the assembly area, throughout the parade duration and at the parade disassembly.
· Every person in your group acknowledges that in taking part in the parade their photo/s maybe used for promotional purpose without further notice.
· Do not throw out sweets or other handouts, our Festival Fairies are the only ones authorised to do this. This is to keep everyone safe so that children are not tempted to run out to pick up sweets in front of moving vehicles.


Prior notice must be given to Parade organisers of animals to be used in the parade. If permission is not granted, then you risk your float being withdrawn from the parade. Animals must be watered and monitored in the parade at all times. Dogs must be on a lead at all times and animal poo must be cleaned up immediately.

Parade Start

All participants are to assemble by 1:20pm on Wilcox Green. There is parking on Wilcox Green for Parade participants. Safety and compliance checks will be made by the Health and Safety Coordinator and the parade will not be able to start until all entries have been checked, the group representative and driver must be involved in the inspection.

Prior to the parade all participants, especially children, should be instructed where to meet by a leader of your group.

· Children must be supervised in the float start and finish areas at all times. These will be very busy areas with lots of moving vehicles and equipment so all care should be taken to ensure everyone is safe.
· Each entry must allocate a representative who must report to Hollie Sutton at the assembly area in Wilcox Green for registration, and be responsible for all matters regarding the float or group. This person will assist our Health and Safety Coordinator to complete the pre start checklist for the float/vehicle.
· Any hazards that are identified prior to the commencement of the parade will be advised verbally at the briefing for drivers to be aware of.
· The Parade Controller will advise each entrant when they should join the parade.

Parade Finish

To end the parade, walking floats and small vehicular floats with children will turn right at the Bakery corner and exit via Ramshaw Lane/Romans Lane back to Wilcox Green to unload children here. Large vehicular floats with children will turn right at the Bakery corner and exit via Ramshaw Lane onto Buckingham St/Merioneth to Wilcox Green to unload children here. Vintage cars will continue down Buckingham Street to Butlers Green (near Chinese Village). All other vehicular floats will continue past the Bakery corner and exit via Villiers Street.

· Please ensure all children and adults dismount first from your float and both children and adults are moved away from vehicular access ways as quickly as possible. No one should be lifted down or jump from a moving vehicle or float.
· Parents/caregivers/guardians/group leaders should be instructed where to collect children from.

Crowd Control

· Parade officials and marshals will focus on keeping spectators back from the parade route.
· If the parade route is breached, stop your vehicle/float/walking group and wait for instructions from parade officials.

Accident & Incident Reporting

St Johns will be onsite between 9am – 4pm, they will be located on Ramshaw Lane.

If you need to get them to a specific area, call Hollie Sutton to arrange this.

In a critical emergency call 111 immediately then let Hollie Sutton know that they have been called.

· A festival first aid kit will be located at the Arrowtown Atheneum Hall.
· AED is located outside the Post Office.

Should an accident/incident occur immediately before, during or after the parade, then you are required to notify the H&S Coordinator, Nicole Fairweather 0211060942. A report will need to be completed at the Festival Office, Arrowtown Atheneum Hall as part of our health and safety processes.

The Bayleys Arrowtown Autumn Festival Parade organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that does not meet the requirements outlined in this document including entries that may pose a hazard to the public or parade safety, in regards to noise, length, width, moving or protruding objects, lack of theme and traveling speed.

Cancellation of the parade could occur due to the weather (high wind or heavy rain). In the event of bad weather on the day the parade will unfortunately be cancelled and the person registered will be sent an email to let you know as early as possible.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules and conditions may result in your immediate exclusion from this and future parades.

Thank you for participating in the Parade and we look forward to a fun and safe event.

Kind Regards,

Hollie Sutton
Parade Coordinator
Arrowtown Autumn Festival