Arrowtown Masonic Lodge Open Day

Are you interested to see what’s inside the beautiful Arrowtown Masonic Lodge and hear about the Arrowtown Freemasons?

This is a rare glimpse to look into a truly special historical building and also ask the mason’s all those questions you want answered!

The Arrow Kilwinning Lodge sits amongst mature trees overlooking the small Otago township of Arrowtown, its formal exterior providing no clue to the magnificent interior within. The single storey stone building with its classical façade has been the meeting place for Arrowtown Freemasons since 1888. Concealed behind the restrained exterior, the Lodge Room is decorated with rare hand painted friezes and emblems depicting Masonic symbolism. The Freemasons in Arrowtown held their first meetings in a hotel in the late 1870s and the lodge still operates today.


Sat 27 Apr


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Arrowtown Masonic Lodge
Wiltshire Street